The "Sentence"
A film by: Mitchell S. Kasprzyk
K.S.M. Concepts, Incorporated presents
a Mitchell S. Kasprzyk Production,
a Mitchell S. Kasprzyk Film
Starring Craig R. Williams, Patrick O'Gorman, John Alessi, Robert Keck, Elbrey Harrell, Jeff Micek, Phil Mitchell, and Kevin Ryder
Edited by Mitchell S. Kasprzyk, Film Crew: Chris Pingre, Ed Vanderlinde, Man-Sung Son, and Art Misiewicz, Production Assistant Elisa Alfonso Sound Location Mixer Bob Blinn, Director of Photography Mitchell S Kaprzyk, OriginalScreenplay by Mitchell S. Kasprzyk, Production Design Mitchell S. Kasprzyk, Produced by Mitchell S Kasprzyk, Directed by Mitchell S. Kasprzyk

A K.S.M. Concepts, Incorporated Release Copyright 1983 by Mitchell S. Kasprzyk All Right Reserved

Director / Filmmaker Comment

In 1983 when "The Sentence" was released, no other film showed a person being executed in an electric chair.  All Hollywood films dealing with capital punishment executions by electric chair, would cut at the decisive moment to a shot of a bulb dimming, a voltage meter regulator or the shadow of a chair restrained body.

"The Sentence" was the first film to show a reenactment of the electrified convulsive body.  Because of the controversial subject matter, no television network or theater venue would play this film for fear of protest or the chance of being fired from their job. Yet, I was invited to show the film at colleges and high schools. Recent years have shown the effects of execution by electric chair in many films and television shows.

Mitchell S. Kasprzyk, Filmmaker

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