Filmmaker Kasprzyk to speak at Wright

Chicago filmmaker and former Wright College student Mitchell S. Kasprzuk will  screen his short film, "The Sentence," on May 7 and 8 for media classes at Wright College, 3400 N. Austin Ave.

Kasprzyk's film will have its world premiere on "Night Flight," a syndicated program on the U.S.A Cable Network on May 4.

The 10 minute dramatic film was written, produced and directed by Kasprzyk. It reenacts what transpires when a person is executed by electrocution and includes a flashback to the murder and rape committed by the prisoner. Kasprzyk, owner of K.S.M. Concepts, Inc., a Chicago-based film production company, is currently raising money for production of a feature film.

He will show his film to students in Dr. Robert Blackwood's Communications Media classes.  Kasprzyk attended Wright from 1968-71 before transferring to Columbia College.

He has worked on production jobs in features films including: "The Blues Brother," "Four Friends," "Risky Business," "Silk Stockings," and recently, "First Steps" with Judd Hirsch and Kim Darby.  he also was production manager for "Office Party," a half-hour television pilot.

"The Sentence," a 10-minute pic showing death in the electric chair, preemed Friday (4) on "Night Flight" via USA Cable Network. "The Sentence" is the handiwork of Chi filmmaker Mitchell Kasprzyk.


Bob Blackwood and Mitch Kasprzyk

Bob Blackwood of Wright College attended a screening of Mitchell Kasprzyk's short film "The Sentence" at Delilah's on Lincoln.

Kasprzyk, a Wright college graduate, will screen the film for Dr. Blackwood's literature-&-film class on Wednesday, March 15 at Wright, 4300 N. Narragansett.

The filmmaker claims his graphic portrayal of murder and the subsequent electrocution of the murderer has been banned by major television networks.

"The Sentence", a ten-minute dramatic film dealing with death in the electric chair, will have its world premiere on May 4. The film will be shown on "Night Flight", a syndicated program on the U.S.A. Cable Network.

The film is the creation of Mitchell S. Kasprzyk, a 33 year old Chicago filmmaker who wrote, produced and directed the film as an exercise in dramatics. His next endeavor is to produce and direct a feature film, which he has written, and currently raising money for its production late this summer.  Kasprzyk is owner of K.S.M. Concepts, Inc., 5148 W. Roscoe, Chicago 606441, 685-6540.

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