Mitchell S. Kasprzyk   
5148 West Roscoe Street   
Chicago, Illinois 60641   
Phone: (773) 685-6540  Mobile: (312) 901-8000

Bachelor of Arts Degree, Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois
Major:  Motion Picture Filmmaking and Photography
Two Year College Diploma, Wilbur Wright College, Chicago, Illinois
Major:  Business Administration, with an emphasis in Advertising and its visual media

Producer/Director of the feature films: "On My Own", " I Don't Want Charity", "Friendly
Relations" and "Let Me Breathe". Currently these projects are in development.  Ongoing
negotiations with prospective venture capital investors.

President of K.S.M. Concepts, Incorporated: The company I started in 1978.  
Produced an Directed corporate sales films, documentary and dramatic short film.

Production Manager for cable television pilot "Office Party" and 2nd unit production
 manager "Silk Stockings" CBS Television movie of the week.

Stage Manager for independent studio space.  Responsible for marketing the studio
space to producers and production companies, as well as, contract preparation and
general operations as liaison between producers and the studio.

Knowledge and application of intrastate and interstate regulatory laws (Security and
Exchange Commission) as they apply to Limited Partnerships and the procurement of

"The Sentence" USA Cable Network, "Tintinnabula" Documentary, "Mario" Belgium
Television, "NI-Gas" Armand Hammer Productions, "A.K. Clip" Hartco, Inc., "Indy"
Good Year Tire and Rubber, Co., "Clinching Tool" Hartco. Inc., "Anchor Clip" 
Hartco., Inc.

"Hey Tommy" Music video, "Little Dreams", "I Really Love You", "Baby I Adore You"
 Korean National Broadcasting Company, Seoul Korea.

Director of Photography, Studio and Location Lighting, Cameraman: Motion Picture 
16mm & 35mm, Cameraman: Video, Still Photographer, Motion Picture Film Editing,
Video Take Time Code for Editing, Video Tape Editing (Off Line) Sound Recording,
Gaffer & Grip.

Operation and use of the following motion picture cameras.
Aaton 16mm & Super-16mm, Arriflex SR 16mm, Arriflex BL-16mm, Arriflex S/B 16mm,
Arriflex M-16mm, Arriflex II C/B 35mm, Auricon 16mm, Eclair NPR 16mm, Eclair ACL
16mm, Cinema Products 16mm, Cinema Products R-16mm, Beaulieu R-16mm, Cannon
Scoopic 16mm, Bolex Rex 16mm, Bolex H-16mm and Bell& Howell DR70-16mm.

Operation and use of the following video cameras.
JVC KY-2000, JVC KY-310, IKEGAMI HL-79, Betcam-SP, Sony DXC-50000, Sony &
Panasonic Lipstick cameras.
Video Recorders
Sony VO-4800,Sony V)-6800, Sony BVU-110

Nagra 4.2, Nagra E, Altec 1567A Mixer, Electrodyne Mixer, Electrodyne Mixer,
Electro-Voice RE-15, RE-16, 635-A & DL-42, Sennheiser 416 & 816, Sony ECM-50, 
Vega Wireless, Swintek Wireless, Sony Parabolic.

Film:  Steenbeck, Moviola, Showcron, Acmade Pic-Sync, Upright-Moviola.
Video:  Sony R-440 Off-Line Editing system

Fisher Dolly, Chapman Pee Wee-Dolly, Moviola Dolly, Elemack Dolly, Houston Fearless
Dolly, Costikyn Crab Dolly, Matthews Western, Doorway, and Tube Dollies.

"The Untouchables" Feature film, Paramount Film Corporation
"Crime Story" N.B.C. Television Series, New World Television
"Big Town" Feature film, Orion Pictures Corporation
"Risky Business" Feature film,Tish/Avnet Productions
"Jimmy Reardon" Feature film, Island Pictures
"Blues Brothers" Feature Film, Universal Studios
"Four Friends" Feature film, Filmways Corporation
"First Steps" Made for T.V. Movie, C.B.S. Entertainment

Arlington Park Racetrack, Arlington Hgts, IL., Burlington Northern Railroad, Chicago, IL.,
Catholic Television Network, Chicago, IL., Chicago Boys Clubs, Chicago, IL., Film
Masters, Inc.,  New York, N.Y., Flair Merchandising, Inc., Chicago, IL., Leo Burnett
Advertising Agency, Chicago, IL., National Child Abuse Foundation, Chicago, IL.,
University of Illinois, Chicago Campus, Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Oak Park, IL.,
Polish Museum of America, Chicago, IL., Cuba Productions, Denver, CO.